Casey Panthers Soccer Club Committee for 2015 Season

Following the Annual General Meeting of the Casey Panthers Soccer Club we are pleased to announce the Committee of Management for the coming 2015 season.

President – John Romero
Vice-President – Gary Jackson
Secretary – Tara Redmond
Treasurer – Kevin Redmond

General Committee-

Phil Pallot
Niole Pallot
Cheryl Cameron
Christine Wylie
Robert Wagner

If you have any questions, please email the committee at and we look forward to seeing you all at our registration day for the 2015 season.

Please keep posted to for further details

Committee Positions Description Summary

CPSC PD Summary

Position Description Summary

Preside over monthly committee meetings
Be available to address issues that arise during the season whilst undertaking a leading role in the management of the Club

Vice President
Undertake active role in club decisions
Preside over committee meetings when president is unavailable.
Attend meetings with or in place of the President when required.


Attend monthly committee meetings.
Take minutes at meetings and prepare reports of such meetings.
Collect mail from mail box.
Report on mail received by club
Respond where applicable to any mail received.
Be available for contact from FFV regarding club issues.
Attend when required meetings with other groups eg FFV Frankston Council etc.
Maintain player database (addresses, date of birth, contact details etc.)
Ensure all players are in correct age groups
Ensure all players are registered with FFV


Prepare and maintain account system for club
Prepare and present current reports at monthly committee meetings.
Attend to correspondence from banking institutions when required.
Be available to issue and sign cheques when required
Maintain a record of all accounts
Organise the payment of accounts when due (eg, Electricity etc)
Organise Referee payments for home teams when required.
Ensure all players are financial

Equipment Officer
Issue and maintain log of all equipment issued to teams
Replace any faulty equipment when deemed appropriate
Collect and correlate all returned equipment at season’s end.

Grounds Officer

Inspect pitches and coordinate volunteers as required for the remarking of pitches during the season.
Maintain ground mark making equipment and line marking supplies.
Responsible for ground inspection during wet weather periods

Uniform Officer
Assess uniform requirements and purchase equipment.
Distribute uniform as required.
Keep inventory and be responsible for uniform budget.

Canteen Manager
Order stock as required
Keep track of all stock bought and sold
Be available on training nights and game days to operate the canteen.
Develop roster to ensure that canteen is operational at all required times
Ensure that all paid staff sign on & off so that wage expenses can be tracked
Manage canteen float.

Safety Officer

Issue first aid kits
Replace used items from first aid kits
Collect medical information and provide relevant details to the players coach.
Ensure that ground checks are undertaken at the start of match day.

Fundraising and Events Officer
Head fundraising and social events including end of year presentations with the help and full support from the committee and fundraising assistants. Ideal position for someone who has lots of ideas and loves to socialise.

Fundraising Assistants

Assist fundraising officer with events such as those above. This is a less demanding role. Ideal for people who want to help but can’t commit lots of time.

Sponsorship Officer
Liaise with local businesses interested in supporting our club. Possibly improve on sponsorship packages already developed.

Coaching Director

Appoint coaches to teams
Form and chair a coaching sub-committee.
Chair regular coaches meetings.
Conduct parent meetings and assist coaches with resolving disputes.

MiniRoos Coordinator

First port of call to sub junior coaches
Liaise with coaches and committee in regards to problems or ideas that would be of benefit to either coaching staff or the club.
Ensure parents understand the philosophy behind the program.

Publicity Officer

Regularly update the clubs website, facebook page and Teamapp accounts.
Provide FFV, local council and local newspapers with positive stories about the club.


Sub Junior

Attend course and obtain a junior licence (if not already done)
Be available for training during the week and for Saturday Games


Attend course and obtain a minimum Junior Coaches licence (if not already done)
Be available for training during the week, and allocated times for Sunday Games.
Implement an effective coaching program.
Provide match reports for club website.

Team Manager

Receive and maintain contact list of team
Make rosters to organise help with setting up/packing up of pitches when playing home games etc.
Distribute correspondence when issued.
Keep players and parents up to date of training and game days and club events.
Fill out “Team Sheet” correctly prior to all games
Hand “Team Sheet” book and passports to Official Game Referee ½ hour prior to kick off time.
Collect “Team Sheet” book and passports after game.
After each home game ensure that all results are input to FFV/Myfootball club

Position Description in more detail, click on each one to learn more

CPSC PD_Publicity_Officer
CPSC Canteen_Manager PD
CPSC Treasurer PD
CPSC Grounds Officer PD
CPSC Vice President PD
CPSC President PD
CPSC Secretary_Registrar PD
CPSC Coaching director PD
CPSC Events-Fundraising officer PD
CPSC equipment officer PD
CPSC Events-Fundraising officer PD
CPSC Junior Coach PD
CPSC MiniRoos Coordinator PD
CPSC Safety Officer PD
CPSC Sponsorship officer PD
CPSC team manager PD
CPSC Uniform officer PD

AGM nomination form -click on the link below

AGM Nomination Form

Casey Panthers Soccer Club
Nomination Form
Executive Committee Positions
2015 Season

Position Nominated For: (insert position that you’re interested in)__________________________

Nominee: (insert your name) _________________________________________________________

Nomination Proposed by: _____________________________________________________________
(name) (signature)
Nomination Seconded by: ____________________________________________________________
(name) (signature)
Sign and return by post or email to the club secretary
Date: _____/_____ / _____
This nomination is to be lodged with the Club Secretary by Monday 10th November 2014.
Should, at the commencement of the Annual General Meeting, there be an insufficient number of candidates nominated, nominations may be taken from the floor of the meeting.

Tara Redmond